Mr Steam 5kW Steam Bath Generator with iButler1 Package

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This all-in-one, ready to install package gives you everything you need to create your own fully functional steam shower system at home, and at a substantial discount. The iButler Package features the award winning iSteam3 Control, the most technologically advanced steam shower control available. Housed in a sleek, slimline package it mounts nearly flush. The capacitive touch screen is so technologically advanced it can tell the difference between a drop of water and your finger. Only with the iSteam3 can you add ChromaSteam3 Mood Lighting System and AudioSteam3 Music System. Complete the experience by adding the AromaSteam System. The iButler Package combines the iSteam3 control with a matching Aroma Glass SteamHead in black or white glass face, the SteamLinx Mobile App, AutoFlush System, a condensation pan, and a Steam Generator. One selection and you’re ready to bring serenity and wellness into your home.


  • Max Room Volume: 100 cu ft
  • Voltage: 240
  • Wattage: 5000
  • Mr Steam 90EC1 I3BUTLER1 Package Includes:

    • 5kW Steam Shower Generator
    • iSteam® 3 Touch Screen Control Unit
    • Autoflush System
    • Condensation Pan


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