Mr Steam 5kW Steam Bath Generator with i3Dream Package

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Step into a world of soothing steam, mood-enhancing lighting, invigorating aromatics, and an aural soundscape of your choosing with this all-in-one, ready to install package. Everything you need to create your own fully functional steam shower system at home, and at a substantial discount. The iDream Package features the award winning iSteam3 Control, the most technologically advanced steam shower control available. Housed in a sleek, slimline package it mounts nearly flush. The capacitive touch screen is so technologically advanced it can tell the difference between a drop of water and your finger. This package combines the iSteam3 control with a matching Aroma Glass SteamHead in black or white glass face, ChromaSteam3 Mood Lighting System, AudioSteam3 Music System and AromaSteam System. Also included are the SteamLinx Mobile App, AutoFlush System, a condensation pan, and a Steam Generator. One selection and you’re ready to bring serenity and wellness into your home.


  • Max Room Volume: 100 cu ft
  • Voltage: 240
  • Wattage: 5000
  • Mr Steam 90EC1 I3DREAM Package Includes:

    • 5kW Steam Shower Generator
    • iSteam® 3 Touch Screen Control Unit
    • AromaSteam Steam Head
    • Autoflush System
    • ChromaSteam3 System
    • AudioSteam3 with a pair of speakers
    • 1 liter of Eucalyptus Oil
    • Condensation Pan

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