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Aquadom Daytona LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror 96in x 36in x 1in

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3D Lighting
3 Color temperature lights. Warm, Cool, and Neutral
Light Control
Cycle through the color temperature light with a tap of a dedicated button. 
Dim the light of your choosing by holding down the on button
Defogger keep the mirror fog free.
Anodized Aluminum Frame
Through anodizing we are able to give our products a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish
Quality polished edge 5mm silver mirrored glass is used for the best front-surface reflexivity in the visible spectrum.
Digital Clock
Touch Screen Button
On/Off switch allows for one-touch control
Installation horizontal

Cool White - 6500K
Warm - 3000K
Mixed cool and warm - 4000 - 4500K
Cool White - 2907
Warm - 2907
Mixed cool and warm - 5814

All AQUADOM products have a one year warranty. 


    96in x 36in x 1in

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