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Aquadom Image Smart LED Lighted Mirror 24in x 32in x 1in

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AQUADOM IMAGE SMART MIRROR - this is more than a bathroom mirror. IMAGE Mirror is an intelligent mirror, a networked or WiFi connected mirror, and illuminated mirror, it shows you in the best light. A mirror with speakers. A mirror that doesn't just reflect you and the room you are in. It lets you hear what you want to hear. And it'll give you all the information you need for the day so you're ready for anything. There is no better way to enjoy your time in the bathroom or start your day. IMAGE mirror on the wall ... nowadays the home accessory can do a lot more than just say who is the most beautiful in the whole country. For example, a smart mirror tells you in the morning what the weather will be like and what the current traffic situation looks like on your way to work. He can also provide you with a comprehensive skin analysis or body healthy management. Sounds like a fairy-tale? It is not at all! Because the IMAGE SMART MIRROR has long been a reality.


24in x 32in x 1in

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